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KOMMT ZEIT, KOMMT RATH, KOMMT ATTENTAT!!! (phrase from Stefan’s pupils at school)


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Eu, após acordar, olhando no espelho do banheiro (auto-retrato). Data: 22 de abril de 2007 (eu havia cortado os cabelos no dia anterior com minha técnica vapt vupt)

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Pimbol no Balkon, depois de sua cirurgia odontológica.

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Mimile dormindo na minha mochila…


Gato de Stefan, há muitos e muitos anos atrás… que infelizmente acabou muito doente e precisou ser eutanasiado.

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Stefaninho, meu amado, em 2004, um ano antes…

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Foto que bati de Donauwörth do alto de um morro num dos passeios malucos que fiz. Tive síndrome de pânico no caminho, mas consegui chegar ao destino… ainda não tomava magnésio! Estava um calor de matar.

[foto não localizada – aqui havia outra foto do mesmo passeio até Tapfheim]

Para muitos uma foto encantadora, pra mim… a imagem do inferno… calor, calor, e você andando, andando sem ter certeza de que chegará realmente a algum lugar…

E-mail from Stefan to my friend Helga Zimmerman and family (February 23, 2005 at 02:35 AM)

Hallo Luis Otavio ,Helga ,Haci Antonio,

at first, who is who?

Many thanks for your so kindly letter! I don’t know now, is it better to write in English or in German? What do you prever? What is easier for you to understand?

I liked very much the photo of the beach! And I have many questions!!

I’m sure I will not tell you all the questions now, because it will need time to remember all what I wanted to know.

At first, because Florianopolis is more in the South than Sao Paulo, how are the temperatures in the summer (day – night), and, important now for us, in August, in winter? Are the nights very cold? And do you have a heating for cold days?In Sao Paulo, when the temperature during the night was falling down to 16°C, then I felt very very cold, muito frio!!!!

I feel well when the temperatures are higher than 25°C, and really well at 30°C!! My father always was dreaming to go one day to Greece, but he never did!! I don’t want this! Only always dreaming to live in a hot country and never to realize.
You must know that my father and I had/have a very special blood group, AB rh negative, only a rest of 0,9 % of the population in Germany has this special blood group! And in Africa in the hot countries could survival about 30 % of these people with AB rh neg. We are born to live in a hot country, but we are often terrible contacted by influenca here in the cold winter times!

But normally I must work till I’m 65 years old, especially till 60 because of my leg, I don’t know if you know what happened last year, and now I cannot ask Verinha, because she is already sleeping. And I got some money when I sold the house of my mother last year, she died in January 2004. So I hope that I can live with this money some years without working. But here in Germany the life is very expensive, for instance for the last year we had to pay about 5000 R$ (in Brasil money) for heating and hot water!

So I plan to buy a appartement in Brasil (about 100 square meters, with a great balcony), or a little house, I saw offers between 20000 and 30000 R$ – but for instance in Florianopolis I think it would be more expensive?! At any rate I could not live in Sao Paule because of the air pollution, I get many problems when there is smog!

I was reading some pages about Florianopolis, and these things about the population of Santa Catarina, I did know because of studying books. And the island of Florianopolis must be wonderful, with a lot of beaches! Oh, one question: You know I’m a teacher. Is there existing a German school in Florianopolis like in Sao Paulo, where they are searching always for German teachers? Perhaps would be possible to live with the money of the sold house and teaching some lessons a week?! But I think this could be only an illusion!

But when I see the life of my Kollegen, with 50 years old nothing more is changing in their lives, and if the have bad luck they get terrible deseases and die!

Avery kindly Kollege got Krebs (Tumor) in der Speiseröhre (I write this in German I don’t know the English words) two years before, and his wife last year, and two weeks ago she died, 47 years old!! Terrible!! These two very often did spend their holiday in Portugal near the beach in a small village, and after Pensionierung they wanted to buy a little house there and live there till the end of their lives! – And what is now!! Fuck it! I think he will also not survival a long time now without his wife………… and, all dreams are done!

In some weeks I also will get 50 years old (the same day like Albert Einstein!) and I have still so many dreams what alll I will do in my life!!! I always told to Verinha I think I could not got married with a German woman, my character is much more Italian than German!! You know two thousand years ago the Romans were here in Baviera (Bayern) and they were mixing themselves with the people here , and so there are existing people an Bayern who are more of Italian character than German. Ah, Dacio, Verinha’s brother, told us when he visited us two years ago, that he has the feeling to visit an Italian family!

Oh, you know that Roma is for me a town where I’m feeling totally at home? But this is another story!
Now it’s half past one in the night, tomorrow I must go to school again (but beginning at half past 9), and now I get also tired.

I’m very happy to get to know you, and to share Verinha a little bit is not sooo terrible!

And I send you muitos abraços e beijos, also your new friend Stefan(inho)!

Kommt Zeit, kommt Rath, kommt Attentat – sagen meine Schüler immer, wenn sie einen unangesagten Test vermuten!

Ich sage immer nach dem Münchner Original und Komiker: „Der Klügere gibt nach, aber ich geb‘ nicht nach!“ ………oder: „Mögen täten wir schon wollen, aber dürfen haben wir uns nicht getraut!“

In diesem Sinne, ciao bis zum nächsten Mal!!!!


Os alunos de Stefan adaptaram o provérbio „Kommt Zeit, kommt Rat, kommt Attentat“, cujo signicado exato não consigo traduzir, só mesmo o literal. Na realidade este dito vem de outro: Kommt Zeit, Kommt Rat, que poderia ser traduzido como „o tempo dirá“, ou ainda „o tempo é o melhor conselheiro“. Em inglês, segundo o Babylon, seria algo como „take your time; time will tell, we’ll wait and see“.

Ao final da segunda versão é colocada a frase-bomba: „kommt Attentat“ (vem o atentado), acrescida ao provérbio original, me dá a impressão de ser uma inversão do sentido da primeira frase, que contém um conteúdo valorativo „positivo“. „Passa o tempo, lá vem atentado!“, ou seja, quase o oposto do dito que sugere que o tempo é o melhor conselheiro. Bem, é difícil mesmo traduzir, se eu tiver alguma idéia melhor, depois colocarei aqui.

No caso de Stefan, os alunos brincavam com as provas-surpresas que o professor preparava para a „infelicidade“ dos despreparados… (Stefan nunca foi camarada com notas…) e muito apropriadamente trocaram a palavra Rat (conselho, aviso, dica) por
Rath, cuja pronúncia é a mesma.

Portanto… „Kommt Zeit, kommt Rath, kommt Attentat“

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