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Oh, mein Liebling, where are you, wo bist du???????????????????????? ………Stefaninho, ich liebe dich verdammt nochmal!!! I love you very much!!! Eu te amo muito, muito!!!






… E eu, com meu novo look, assumidamente nerd, com os cabelos despenteados e os óculos fora de alinhamento.

‑‑‑‑‑ Original Message
From: „Rath‑Stefan“ <Rath‑Stefan@t‑
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 6:16 PM
Subject: Oh, mein Liebling, where are you, wo bist du????????????????????????

Meine liebe Verinha!

I’m back from my Italian course. We talked about to go at any time to an Italian restaurant, but three of us, the third part of us, wasn’t here today, and so we go at another time. And so I’m her!………….And no email of my lovely
Verinha!!!!!! Snif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it’s terrible! It’s a quarter to nine, I understand…the time!

Oh!!!!! You did a great Error!!!!!! I’m now not 45, but 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!! years old!!!!!!!

Many people invite many others, to their birthday, but I would invite only one
person…..BUT YOU ARE NOT HERE!!!!!!! Now I cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where are YOU??????????

Dream with the Italian love songs!!!! I know exactly, why I sent you this
music……. smile, smile, smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Oh, entschuldige meine Tippfehler at my last message! I was in hurry and so …….!

I really say: Come to me and I never would leave you alone!!!!!!!
Such a lovely woman! But you see, I have the same problems with some friends
like you! They cannot imagine that we talked about get married we didn’t see us face to face! But we did tell us so much about our lives, about us, we sent us our photos, nd vor allem, wir lieben uns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck the other people!!!!!!!!!!!!! And their meaning! I told you in my last email about a kindly Kollegin: She understood me! In spite we have no near connection, but she is a very verständnisvoll woman!
I think she can feel your feeling, and also mine!

Ah: About my mother’s house: You did understand wrong! I live upstairs, my mother lives downstairs!!!
She’s a little gebrechlich[Obs.1] !

Ah, if we would take the „Bahn‑Card“, you know you must have another pass‑photo!
If it’s terrible‑ da niente, only you must have one!

Today in the Italian‑Course, I said a sentence which was not with normal grammar, and I said it right! ‑ And the teacher said: very good! And I said I didn’t know the Ausnahme,[Obs.2]  I said it so because if my feeling, and she said: This is the very best, you have a feeling for the language!!! ‑ But the words… know my difficulty! ‑ And she said: You are the „Fachbetreuer for Mathematik“?
And her son must decide, which points he takes as important [Obs. 3] after this year, and she knows, she would must talk very much with me!
Terrible English, but I don’t want to ask the dictionary! Ask me, if you don’t understand!

Oh, you said you are not a good house‑wife!!!!! ‑ Terribile!!!! I need a ONLY a woman, who cleans my rooms, who is cooking for me and so on!!!!!!!
……………smile………….more smile……….much more smile!!!!!!!!!!
To wash my clothes!!!!!!…!!!!!!!!!111

Perhaps, you do it!! ‑ But at any rate I need at first a woman who loves me and I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then…..we will see!!!!!!!!!

A little „Arbeisteilung“ [Obs.4] should be, BUT NOT THE FIRST REASON!!!
the first is, that we love one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, it wouldn’t be bad you would help me by my daily work, all the daily work!!
It doesn’t matter, which work… I told you, for instance to write into the computer!
I think, one must help the other as it is possible!

You feel not only love, but also passion to me?! ‑ Smile!!! I UNDERSTAND!!!!!
Passion [Obs. 5] in German means „Leidenschaft“! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!

In German it means: To love someone with all sexual feelings!!!!!, It’s ok? What you wanted to say?? I believe: Ya!

„You want to protect me always“ you said. I loved your words, ….I always you!!!!!! Only this is the true love…….. this had my parents in spite of the difficulties I told you!!!

The word „Liedermacher“: Before their times their were only songs in English (most), and simple music in German ( simple to the text!) called Schlager! And at one time there existed persons who wrote songs in German or [Obs.6] Austrian language with „anspruchsvolle“[Obs.7]  Texts, and they were called Liedermacher! OK?

I write bewusst [Obs.8] more words in German, because you must learn our language!!!…… smile…….. you know, why!…… smile!!!!!!!

Ah, Albert, the Kollege I told you, did voll bestärken [Obs.9] mich, to meet you, and
then ………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know us so much, you know…..Roma!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the same charakter, in spite of he teaches German language, history and religion, and I mathematics and physics,.. it’s also a little wonder, not normally!!

Oh, the times they are achanging! I#ve no more interest to TV! if somebody would say it to me 6 weeks ago …. I had said, are you crazy, are you spinning???
Spinnen?, right word in english? I don#t know!

But now…… more interest!

Only to you emails!!!!!!!! ‑ But I must do my work!!! Next weekend I must correct tests, and correct, and correct…………… terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You said: „I will confess you: I am not more afraid about the travel, also about [Obs.11] our married!“ ‑ Very good!!!, Why should you be afraid?????????. I know, for you the situation is much more difficult as for me. You go to another country, don’t know me face to face, left all, left Tico ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ bit I told you the only solution, I see!! ‑ But, be calm, think about it very rational!

I remember the day, when I said to you: And if you want stay[Obs. 12]  always at me, we must get married!!! ‑ Do you feel, how high my temperature was, how tremelous I was??? How anxious, you could say: never! That you said I’m a free person, you remember?!…….But I tried, because of our great love………and the, I repeat: You said: One possibility, one great possibility, and there was much Hoffnung!……..And the, after talking to your mother and to your aunt, and to your really friends, you say: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was, and I’m so happy about this!!!!!!!!!!!! ‑ Fuck these persons who wouldn’t understand us, or WILL [Obs. 13]  not under stand us, our happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Italian‑Course, I said one time to, where I should say a! And my teacher said!: Oh not english, Italian! So, you I talk to you always in english! And think in english!

Ah, good friends at school, who are english‑teachers, (I didn’t talk to them
about married and so on, only to write letters in english, they said; If you can do this, in spite of mistakes, you can really talk in such a language ….. and I think I can, also in Italian, but it’s much more difficult! ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Sorry my Tippfehler! But we agreed not to correct them! So much time!)

Lie down to your sofa, couch (in Bavaria you say „Kanapee“ ‑it comes from french), and listen to the Italian love‑song ‑ and you you can feel, I’m very near you…………… Imagine, we are lying at the couch, this music, near by
near………….and a strong Umarmung, a great Kuss, and once more a great
kiss, to your wonderful lips, they are really wonderful!!!!! and then (… CENSORED… )… we go to bed , the whole night together…….!!!!!!!!!
can you imagine???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I NEVER LET YOU GO AGAIN!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEIN LIEBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I try to call you, because I must go to bed, tomorrow is also a hard day for me, not so hard like Wednesday, but also not easy!

Ich liebe dich über alles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must come here to me! ‑ I listen this time the song: Solo noi! ‑ Nur du!!!!!!!!!

Ich liebe dich,,,,,,,,,,DEIN Stefan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Obs.1]gebrechlich  debile, infirme, caduc; fig fragile
[Obs.2]Ausnahme  la excepción / esto vale con una sola excepción / a excepción de
[Obs.4]Arbeisteilung – divisão de trabalho
[Obs.5] Babylon German-English     ?  Passion (die)   n. passion, ardour, fervor, zeal, enthusiasm; desire, lust  Babylon English-German     ?  passion [pas·sion || ‚pæ?n] n.  Begierde; Inbrunst; Zorn; Leidenschaft  ?  Passion [pas·sion || ‚pæ?n] n. Passion, Leidensgeschichte Christi; bibliche Schriften die das Leiden Jesu am Kreuz aufzählen
[Obs. 7]anspruchsvolle  pretentiously, fastidiously  Babylon German-English     ?  anspruchsvoll  adj. capricious, fastidious, pretentious, hard to please, critical; choosy; needing particular care or attention
[Obs. 8]newest
[Obs. 9]bestärken  ~ in: fortificar in; confirmar in; corroborar
[Obs. 13]will aqui no sentido de querer, alemão.